We, Die Genuss Geschwister,

are a small exclusive manufactory of jams, preserving fruits with lots of love and a strong focus on tradition and handicraft. We use craftsmanship and personally selected ingredients to produce culinary delights for the discerning, conscious and pure taste.

Taste and quality are paramount to us!

As in grandma’s time, our lovingly handmade delicacies are made with ripe fruits from our own garden or from personally selected suppliers, then sorted, cut, and stirred by hand in small batches and gently cooked in a copper pot. This results in an excellent taste of classic or creative, fresh, fruity compositions of currently more than 80 varieties in different glass sizes.

Each individual glass is filled, sealed, polished and provided with self-printed labels by hand. Creativity, individuality and the ability to respond to customer requests is important to us. We look forward to hearing from you, to plan your order and help you with special requests e.g. giveaways for weddings, etc!